Wader-Wittis develops, produces and sells innovative transport and installation systems - turn key with system responsibility - for the components of wind power stations, for example towers, blades and hubs/nacelles for on and off shore locations. Thanks to globalisation, the components of wind power stations are cost-effectively manufactured around the world, and must always delivered to and assembled at a specific location at the same time.

Thanks to our patented transport and installation system, on the one hand thanks to the multiple uses, the investment cost of the transport system is relatively low. On the other hand, the WITTIS-System ensures that a standardised multi-point transport system is available globally for manufacturers, warehouses, suppliers and transporters, which reduces costs significantly, as well as minimising time needed and ensuring quality for all of the companies which are part of the supply chain, and finally for the wind power operator too.




Office Radevormwald

Justus von Liebig Str. 3
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Dietmar Eider
Managing Director
phone: +49 (0) 2195 - 6790
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